Tables for the show will come in three varieties: Interior Tables, Wall Tables, and Foyer Tables.

  • Interior Tables are in the ballroom but not against a wall.
  • Wall Tables are in the ballroom and against a wall.
  • Foyer Tables are in the pre-function area leading in to the ballroom.

Please Note: At this time, Wall and/or Foyer Tables are only available to vendors who have held them for past shows. Only Interior Tables are available to the general public via the form below. If you would like to be placed on the wait list for Wall and/or Foyer tables, please write to: info@philadelphiapenshow.com

All tables will be approximately 6 feet by 30 inches (standard 6′ banquet tables) and have both a tablecloth and skirting.

Exhibitors / Vendors must register for their tables on-line by purchasing the appropriate “ticket” using the form below.

Tickets for tables are non-refundable and non-transferable. They cannot be re-sold or re-assigned.

Table ticket pricing is as follows:

  • $175 – Interior Table
  • $250 – Wall Table
  • $250 – Foyer Table

Vehicle Unloading:

The Westin’s front entrance has a portico that allows vehicles to leave 17th Street and stop at the hotel’s doors.

Vendors may pull into the hotel’s portico to unload their vehicles before parking.


Please write to: info@philadelphiapenshow.com