hillary clinton vs gambling

In November we will know the name of the new President of the United States. The future prospects of gambling business and online casinos in particular will depend on who the Americans will choose.

The race is in full swing, but the real chances to win have only 2 candidates. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton represents the Democrats, while the Republicans are Donald Trump, a businessman who made a billion-dollar fortune in dubious transactions.

In fact, according to the analytical guide-portal about online casinos and gambling – the list of contenders is much wider. It is possible that instead of Trump, the main contender will be Marco Rubio, the current senator from Florida. The thing is that Trump’s eccentricity and his loud words and promises do not find support within his home party.hillary clinton vs gambling

What will happen to the U.S. gambling industry after the U.S. presidential election?

As for the Democrats, Hillary’s position in the party is unshakable. Her rival in the party, Bernie Sanders, the incumbent senator from Vermont, does not have as much influence as Mrs. Clinton.

Clinton insists that in order to develop the nation consistently, existing barriers must be removed and gradually moved forward.

Trump is more relaxed in his promises. For example, the billionaire promises to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. In his opinion, this will help solve the problem of illegal immigrants. The billionaire is going to deport everyone who is in the country illegally. Besides, he’s known for his harsh remarks against Muslims and even allowed himself some attacks on women, though quite harmless.

For the gambling business, Trump’s election may seem more profitable. The fact is that the billionaire has long been involved in the gambling industry and owns several casinos through companies under his control. Interestingly, establishments no longer owned by Trump continue to use his name in the name.

As for Clinton, she, too, has never counted herself among the opponents of casinos.

However, in this case, the nuance is that the Democratic Party is generally quite favorable to gambling on the Internet. But among the Republicans, there are a lot of tough opponents of online casinos and land-based gambling establishments. And even assuming that Trump becomes president (which so far seems unlikely), he will have to break serious resistance within his party. Many Republicans are already openly speaking out against the billionaire, considering him a disgrace to the party.

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