wild symbol in casino

What is the wild (wild) or wild symbol, even those who are not frequenters of online casinos know. Enough just once or twice out of curiosity scroll the reels of almost any video slot, as restless wild will certainly appear on the screen of the machine. However, even experienced players who have tried out most of the game novelties on the website www.vulcan-casino.com, often do not have a clue about all the features of this symbol, considering it only a substitute image on a winning combination.

This substitution is the main function of the wild symbol, but it is not the only one. Before you make a winning bet armed with the knowledge of additional features wild, you should first play online slot machines Vulkan without registration and sms in free mode. With this approach, the study process will not affect the state of your game bankroll.wild symbol in casino

Unusual wild slots

Some video slots wild has a really unique feature that is not similar to other applications. Going to play a slot machine Pharaons Ring online for free and without registration, look for the slot “Zombie”: there are two wild symbols. One carries the usual functional load, replacing the missing picture. And the second appears only on one reel and fall in strips, in addition, he can jump up or down if necessary.

In the slot “Curious machines” wild behaves even more interesting – if the line, where he fell out, picture replacement will not lead to the prize, wild symbol swaps all the images around him. The Wild Player allows you to fix the wild in the same place the next time you run the reels.

Free spins
Each slot machine periodically gives you the opportunity to do one or more spins of the reel for free. During these free spins, the possibilities of the wild are increased. In some models, the wild symbol can occupy the entire reel or appear in strips, in others – turns into the same wilds all neighboring symbols, in others – remains on the screen during the whole series of free spins, multiplying the winnings.

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