Today it is impossible to open a casino in USA where there are no free gambling zones. That is why all gambling has been moved to the Internet. This is a very profitable business, and it is not that difficult to open an online casino. It is not surprising that many people dream of such a way of making money, in which they do not have to violate the current legislation. This requires a special license, which is registered in another state. Almost all of the existing gaming sites in the virtual space are located in foreign domains.

Usually the registration of virtual gaming sites is carried out in offshore zones such as Malta, Costa Rica or Kanawake. The law 244 as of January 1, 2007, which is in force in USA, prohibits registering on the USA domains. To buy a casino does not even need an exorbitant amount of money – the prices are more than acceptable. The registration of companies offshore many firms that provide economic and legal consulting services. To register a gaming company in an offshore zone will need to put a few thousand dollars in a bank account. After this you can start to win in casino

Earnings with the help of online casinos

In order to legally operate a gaming business in other countries, you will need to purchase a special license, the cost of which is over $100,000. Also need money for special software, which will allow the site to create emulators of game slots. It produces special companies that specialize in such software. The most expensive programs, which belong to the class of luxury, worth a million dollars. Usually such high-quality programs purchased by large companies.

There is also cheaper software. However, experienced businessmen don’t recommend to buy it, because it won’t work well and won’t be able to attract a large number of visitors to the virtual casino. You also need to pay companies that sell software for virtual gambling clubs, to protect against hacking. Usually, this amount is no more than 20% of the total cost of the software.

There will be a need to hire employees, who will administer the resource and provide technical support to users. In addition, you will need to conduct an advertising campaign to attract users to the new gaming platform. Online casino needs to be promoted in the virtual network. This, too, will require a lot of money.

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